Mean Teens, South Shields, June 2021

The STRX fam hit the road again to start June with a bang! this time headed for South Shields and the Mean Teens breakin’ jam. Our venue, The Customs House theatre, a Grade 2 listed building on the south bank of the river Tyne, provided a spectacular backdrop for the event. This included a couple of luxury cruise liners! I kid you not!!

Dj’s Kub and Khanfu dropped nothing but bangers all day, helping get the best out of the dancers. Hosting duties fell to Ken Masters and Flowrex, who kept proceedings running smoothly with their trademark banter and dodgy jokes!

The level of competition was off the chain. Some of the best young dancers from around the British Isles (Wales fielding a particularly strong squad!) turned out to fight for top spot. Add to this the fact that a lot of these guys have been honing their skills alone in lockdown, with no battling for over a year and what we got was a release of energy that could have powered a small village for a week!

All the dancers did a showcase round and the favourites were picked from these to move forward to the 1 v 1 battles. As stated before, the level was high and the kids were hungry, which made for some heated rounds. That said, all the bboys and girls conducted themselves well, with good humour and respect being shown throughout. great to see.

The final saw Bboy mclane from Ill Drillerz Crew go up against Bboy Jxr Boogie, repping Trinity Warriors. Both dancers went off, giving it 100% for a gruelling 5 rounds. Mclane came away with the win after consistently pulling crazy s**t out of his hat! No disrespect to Jxr Boogie, the kid went all in but there could only be one winner.

There was also a prize for best set of the day, which went to Bboy King Jamez and best newcomer, BBoy Tom. The Just Jam team put on a dope event. But that was never in doubt! Everyone was looked after and everyone went away with a smile on their face. A brilliant day! More jams like this please!!





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