Epic Jam, Stockwell, April 2021

This April saw STRX hit the road to descend on the Epic Jam at Stockwell Hall of Fame. A handful of eager northern Hiphop heads literally crammed into a car for a trip down to this dope event!

Luckily, the weather was blessed and the sun was in attendance all day, proper holiday vibes! All elements were repped fully. Bboys and girls killed the cyphers, hyped by the live MC’s and DJ’s. Fair to say, it went off!

There was no shortage of graff writers either. Not an inch of wall escaped unscathed and this was a BIG ass location! A sick all female graff collective hit up the site, as well as solo writers from across the country.

All in, this was an awesome day organised by the Epic Jam team. Sign us up for the next one guys! This s**t was DOOOOOPE!!!

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