About STRX Lifestyle

Average is not an option

STRX Lifestyle is an independent streetwear brand created by Bboy and graffiti writer Stephen Powell. The letters  being an abbreviation of his Bboy identity, Ste Rex (pronounced like T Rex). The brand is heavily influenced by Hip Hop and street culture, graffiti, tattooing, comic book art and graphic design. All artwork is hand drawn, no soulless, generic, cut and paste wackness here. Apart from flagship logo styles, numbers of each design drop will be limited to ensure exclusivity, so don’t sleep!

Inspired by all things underground and extreme since day one, Ste Rex intends the brand to both represent and eventually support  street level activities, such as breaking, graffiti, skating and free running. 

Live your passion, don’t chase fads. This is the brand ethos. And herein lies the truth, my child!

Bboy Ste Rex cc footwork
bboy Ste Rex throwing down
Ste Rex stood against graffiti wall
Bboy Ste Rex spinning on his head
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